Wilkes-Barre Dentist Quizzes You On Invisalign

Invisible braces sound like some sort of prank. No, really, they’re there…you just can’t see them. In fact, invisible braces really do exist, thanks to modern cosmetic dental technology. At Back Mountain Dental, we offer Invisalign, a way to straighten your teeth with completely transparent customized aligners. Do you already know about Invisalign? Dr. James DeFinnis, your Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist, challenges you to a quiz.


Q1. True or false – Stainless steel has been used to make braces since the 1970s.

Q2. True or false – Invisalign only works on children who haven’t gotten all of their permanent teeth yet.

Q3. True or false – Invisalign aligners can be removed when you eat and brush your teeth.

Q4. True or false – Invisalign is only available through dentists and orthodontists.


A1. FALSE – Stainless steel braces go back a couple decades further, to the 1950s, when bracket-and-wire braces started gaining popularity as a means to straighten misaligned or crooked teeth.

A2. FALSE – Invisalign is a great alternative for teenagers and adults. Many people who needed braces in childhood, or who had braces but found their teeth moved back, opt for Invisalign in adult years. When someone is already established in their career, traditional braces can be more of a distraction than many grown-ups are willing to deal with.

A3. TRUE – This particular freedom is one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign for some people. Gone will be the days of annoying and unsightly food particles caught in the brackets of braces if you give clear braces a shot.

A4. TRUE – There is no over-the-counter version of Invisalign, because three dimensional computer imaging is needed to customize the aligners to your specific case. The specifications of your treatment plan are sent outside the office so your aligners can be manufactured. After your dentist shows you how to use your first set, you’ll be sent home with a series of aligners that you’ll be instructed to change every two weeks, or so.

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