Wilkes-Barre Cosmetic Dentist Gives Teeth Whitening Quiz

Our Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist challenges you to test your knowledge of one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in the country. See how much you know about professional teeth whitening with this quiz from Dr. James DeFinnis. Find the answers to this quiz by clicking “Read More.”

Teeth Whitening Quiz

Q1. Which of the following can cause intrinsic tooth stains?

A. Medications

B. Drinking coffee

C. Drinking red wine

D. Eating blueberries


Q2. True or false: Teeth whitening is permanent.


Q3. Which of the following will not be positively affected by teeth whitening?

A. Porcelain veneers

B. Dental bonding

C. Tooth crowns

D. All of the above


Q4. True or false: Deep Bleaching from our Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist can whiten tetracycline staining.

Teeth Whitening Quiz Answers

A1. A: Instrinsic tooth stains are a result of staining to the tooth’s dentin, the inner structure of the tooth. Unlike extrinsic stains, discoloration to the tooth enamel, instrinsic stains cannot be removed with over-the-counter whitening treatments.

A2. False: Teeth whitening is a temporary cosmetic fix. While whitening treatments will keep your teeth bright for a couple of months, some touch up treatments are necessary to keep your smile whiter for longer. Our cosmetic dentist offers take-home whitening trays custom fit to your smile, so that you can keep your pearly whites brilliant.

A3. D: While professional teeth whitening is great for natural teeth, these methods will not brighten dental restorations. Porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and dental crowns will not become whiter with treatment. If you prefer a significantly whiter smile, let your Wilkes-Barre cosmetic dentist know so that we can administer whitening treatments before your cosmetic dental work. This way, we can match your dental restorations to your brighter, whiter smile.

A4. True: Deep Bleaching is a highly powerful teeth whitening method that can even address tetracycline staining. This type of staining is an intrinsic stain that results from certain medications, causing brown or gray lines on your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Wilkes-Barre

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