What’s the Number One Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure?

Take a guess:

A) porcelain veneers

B) Invisalign clear braces

C) CEREC porcelain fillings

D) teeth whitening

Affordable, effective, fast, and convenient, teeth whitening is the top cosmetic dentistry procedure in America. With one non-invasive procedure, a person can erase years of teeth staining and reclaim a youthful, vibrant smile.

Because teeth whitening is so popular, kiosks have popped up in shopping malls across the country. I want to warn you to avoid teeth whitening in a mall kiosk. While there are surely exceptions, the only mall kiosks that I’ve read about do not have dental professionals on staff. The individuals administering chemical teeth whitening have no affiliation with dentistry, which brings teeth whitening to the level of a merely cosmetic procedure, like waxing, manicures, and eyebrow stringing.

The problem is, too much bleaching solution or improper application of the solution can permanently damage your teeth and gums. What you thought would be a simple way to improve your smile could turn out to cause lifelong tooth sensitivity…or worse.

As a cosmetic dentist, I recommend over-the-counter teeth whitening as opposed to kiosk whitening. If you want more dramatic results than you can achieve with store-bought whitening kits, consider dentist-administered teeth whitening. At Back Mountain Dental, I prefer to use KoR Deep Bleaching, a safe and highly effective teeth whitening procedure that involves in-office and at-home whitening. KoR is the best I’ve seen, in my opinion, and it does not cause the sensitivity that patients report with some systems.

If you’re ready for a whiter, more attractive smile, schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with me, Dr. James DeFinnis, at Back Mountain Dental. Located in Trucksville, PA, my office serves patients from Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and surrounding communities.

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