The Big Picture Smile

As a cosmetic dentist, I offer procedures to reshape, brighten, straighten, and perfect teeth, so my patients can enjoy a big, beautiful smile (and the great self confidence that comes with it). However, in addition to being attractive, our teeth have to function together with one another, and with our jaw joints, facial muscles and nerves, and gum tissue. Every single day, human teeth endure amazing pressure, temperature fluctuations, and an onslaught from 600 different types of bacteria. Still, our mouths must serve us in the first phase of digestion, chewing. The structures of our mouth contribute to clarity of speech, and can also affect our breathing, sleep, and overall health.

So in cosmetic dentistry, beauty is only one factor.I’m Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental in Trucksville, PA. My philosophy for cosmetic dentistry is to address the bigger picture – the health, function, stability, and potential longevity of the restorations I place.

Let’s say you got a great deal on some nice looking tires for your car. You don’t know much about this particular tire store, but everyone seems to know what they’re doing. A week later, you realize that the mechanic who installed the tires didn’t bother to align and balance them. The rubber begins to wear on one side, then it cracks and peels. If you keep going on those tires, you’re going to ruin your car.

The same is true with cosmetic dentistry. Just because it looks nice does not mean it’s mechanically sound.

My team and I invest in building relationships with our patients. We want you to feel great about the dental work you receive in our office. We want you to feel so great that you tell all of your friends. It just makes sense, then, that I must look to the long-term results of my cosmetic and restorative dental treatment.

Before I suggest veneers, Invisalign, white crowns and fillings, or cosmetic bonding and recontouring, I’ll thoroughly examine your mouth. I’ll assess your teeth, your gums, how your upper and lower teeth fit together (occlusion), how your jaw joints function, and whether your oral health and function should be addressed. If a beautiful smile is going to last, it has to be built on a solid foundation. Your mouth should be free of disease and decay. Your existing dental restorations must be stable.

In some situations, my cosmetic dental patients have perfect oral health at the first visit. Other times, we must address underlying issues prior to a cosmetic treatment plan. Rest assured, I will always recommend for you what I’d suggest to my own parents, wife, and children. That’s a promise.

If you’re ready to enjoy improved confidence and optimal oral health, call Back Mountain Dental today at 570-763-4360 to schedule a convenient consultation. I gladly serve patients from Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and across the great State of Pennsylvania.

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