Veneers from Your Scranton Cosmetic Dentist

After several weeks of watching celebrities flash mega-watt smiles at various entertainment awards shows, you might be experiencing a little smile lust. If you want a celebrity smile of your own, you’ve come to the right place, as leading Trucksville cosmetic dentist Dr. James DeFinnis offers several advanced smile makeover procedures. Read on to find out more.

What are Veneers and Lumineers?

Veneers are known as the smile makeover procedure because they have the power to completely transform the total appearance of your smile with just one cosmetic enhancement treatment. Dr. DeFinnis offers three kinds of veneer procedures at his Wilkes Barre dentist office.

  • BECDEN veneers are traditional contact-lens thin porcelain shells that adhere directly to the fronts of your teeth to conceal stains, gaps, crookedness, and chips, and correct crowded and short teeth. Crafted at a certified BECDEN dental laboratory, BECDEN veneers offer patients a completely natural-looking and beautiful smile.
  • Like BECDEN veneers, Da Vinci veneers are ultra-thin shells of durable ceramic that are bonded to your front teeth to improve every aspect of your smile. Da Vinci veneers are extremely stain resistant, so you will never have to worry about whitening your new smile.
  • LUMINEERS offer the same benefits of traditional porcelain veneers without the need of any enamel reduction, making them a non-invasive cosmetic enhancement choice. Clinically proven to last over 20 years with proper care and dental hygiene, LUMINEERS can help image-conscious patients overcome their smile woes.

How do I Know which Smile Makeover Procedure is Right for Me?

If you’re considering making over your smile with cosmetic dentistry, call Back Mountain Dental today at (570) 763-4360 to reserve a consultation appointment with Dr. DeFinnis. At this appointment, Dr. DeFinnis will examine your teeth and talk to you about your smile goals. Together, you and Dr. DeFinnis will decide on a treatment plan that best fits your needs and yields the beautiful, natural, and permanent results you’re looking for.

We believe that every patient deserves the smile of his or her dreams, and we look forward to helping you achieve yours. For more information, call Back Mountain Dental at (570) 763-4360 or visit us online at

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