Professional Teeth Whitening Outshines OTC Kits

Over-the-counter teeth whitening works…pretty much. But not everyone achieves the bright white results they want with drugstore whitening kits. As a cosmetic dentist, I offer a more potent and effective solution: professional teeth whitening. I’m Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental. If you’ve tried home whitening, but you want something stronger, let’s discuss prescription-strength whitening.

The kits I prescribe come with a potent bleaching solution that you can only get through a dentist. They also come with custom-fitted mouth trays. These trays hold the bleaching gel close to teeth, while keeping saliva from diluting the solution. For optimal results…… wear your trays for an hour or two each evening over about two weeks. You’ll notice amazing results that improve over time. Re-use your bleaching trays as necessary to touch-up your smile. We stock replacement whitening gel in the office, so you can purchase more any time.

If you want the best results I’ve ever seen with teeth whitening, we can discuss KoR Deep Bleaching™ by Rod Kurthy. This patented system of teeth whitening penetrates deep into tooth enamel to lift stains so that we can wash them away. Deep Bleaching is not a “light” system. There is no plasma arc light required. Instead, it’s a series of whitening treatments that includes a few in-office appointments and at-home application. I’ll be happy to explain the benefits and differences between a professional whitening kit and Deep Bleaching when you come in for a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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