Home Remedies for Oral Problems

During holiday celebrations, you want to keep your mouth and smile beautiful for any unexpected mistletoe moments. What happens if you get a minor dental issue and you can’t reach Dr. DeFinnis? Many of your common household products can bring dental relief. Try these home remedies to help fix your cosmetic problems on the spot and keep your mouth beautiful.

Bad breath: Yogurt, gum

To keep your breath smelling fresh, carry a pack of gum or mints, or a breath spray, to help cover the smell. Make sure your mouth is clean and free of bacteria and avoid eating smelly foods like onions and garlic. Yogurt, on the other hand, can destroy the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. The compounds in yogurt create an unhealthy environment for odor-causing bacteria to live in.

Dry lips: Moisturizer, papaya

Chapped lips are painful and unappealing. Moisturizing lip balm and skin lotions can cure the problem. Papaya peel can also dissolve dead skin cells to leave your lips and skin smooth.

Mouth sores: Listerine, lemon balm tea

Two home products can help reduce the pain and size of cold sores and blisters. Listerine, which can be used to freshen your breath, can also dry out the wounded area and take the pain away from a blister. Lemon balm tea is an herbal treatment for cold sores because its antiviral properties can tame the sore.

Yellow teeth: Apples

Crunchy fruits and vegetables stimulate your saliva to help cleanse your mouth. The crisp texture of apples and pears can help remove enamel surface stains. In addition, strawberries and apples have malic acid, a property that naturally helps whiten your teeth.

Sore gums: Salt water, ice

A light mixture of salt and warm water can help wounded tissue heal faster. Swishing a saline solution around in your mouth can help reduce swelling and keep the area clean to prevent infection. An ice pack can also help relax your facial muscles to decrease swelling.

Broken tooth: Milk

If a piece of your tooth breaks off or falls out, put the part in a milk solution. The milk helps preserve the tooth by keeping the cells alive and keeping it clean and safe until Dr. DeFinnis can reattach it or restore your broken smile.

These household cures can provide a temporary solution to restore your confident smile, but you should always call Dr. DeFinnis if you have any dental problems or cosmetic needs. Contact Back Mountain Dental in Trucksville, PA at (570) 763-4360 to request an appointment. We welcome patients from Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and the surrounding communities.

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