One-Visit White Crowns Make Patients Smile

Do you have crowns? Metal ones? Or the porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns that create a dark line near your gums? It probably took you at least two visits for each crown to be placed. You may have even needed an emergency visit if your temporary broke or fell off. Getting a crown can be a headache!

Not any more.

I’m Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental, and I’m excited to offer my image-conscious, time-strapped patients a natural-looking alternative to traditional dental crowns. With CEREC, I can design, mill, and place permanent, custom-colored crowns that look and feel natural… in one visit! That’s right one visit. You won’t wear a temporary crown. You won’t need a follow up visit. You can come in and get your permanent, ceramic crown before you leave. Isn’t technology amazing?

CEREC uses 3D imaging and sophisticated treatment planning software to design custom crowns that fit with precision. The CEREC milling unit then fabricates the crown from a solid CEREC Block in the shade I choose to match your teeth. CEREC Blocks are strong, safe, and long-lasting. They’re backed by 20 years of testing and research.

While ceramic crowns may not be a good choice for back teeth that have to endure extreme pressure, those teeth that show in a smile are usually perfect for CEREC crowns.

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