Is Back Mountain Dental the Best of Back Mountain?

Usually, the team at Back Mountain Dental likes to keep the focus on you, our patient! We want to know all about you so that we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Just this once, however, allow us to ask you for a favor. Voting has started for the 2011 edition of “Best of the Back Mountain,” hosted by The Times Leader. If you’ve had a pleasant experience at Back Mountain Dental and if you love the smile Dr. James DeFinnis and the Back Mountain team has helped you achieve and maintain, take a minute to vote for us! Click here to vote, or visit the Back Mountain Dental Facebook page for more information.

On the ballot, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate your favorite local leaders, places, and events, but pay special attention when you get to the Local Professionals section. If you’d like to vote for Back Mountain Dental just put our name in for “General Dentist” and “Cosmetic Dentist.”

As always, we appreciate your feedback for a number of reasons. Firstly, we need to know how you honestly feel about every interaction you have with us. This feedback allows us to continue to provide you with the highest quality care possible. Secondly, patient reviews and testimonials help us expand the number of patients we see. One of the first things a potential patient will look for when choosing a new dentist is positive feedback from existing patients, so if you feel so inclined, send an email with your testimonial to

We really appreciate your time and support. Wouldn’t you be proud to say that you are a patient at the best dental practice in Back Mountain?

For more information or to reserve an appointment with Dr. DeFinnis, call (570) 763-4360.

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