How to Correct Sharp or Jagged Teeth

As a cosmetic dentist, I love to see my patients look in the mirror for the first time following a smile makeover. The stains, gaps, crooked and misaligned teeth are gone, and they immediately enjoy a jolt to their self-esteem.

Sometimes people don’t need porcelain veneers or a full smile makeover. Take, for instance, the problem of sharp, fang-like incisors or jagged edges on front teeth. These cosmetic imperfections can make a smile look less than desirable – even animal like. In some cases, I can reshape sharp or jagged teeth edges. Most commonly, I can remove a minimal amount of tooth structure to even and smooth teeth edges. If the problem teeth are small, I may add structure, then shape the edges for an appealing appearance. Removing tooth structure as described above is called recontouring, while adding structure is called bonding.

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