For a Dazzling Holiday Smile, KoR Deep Bleaching

If your teeth remind you of the discolored antique china on your holiday table instead of the newly fallen snow, it’s time to seriously consider teeth whitening. I’m Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental in Trucksville. At my practice, I offer a highly effective, safe, and potent teeth whitening system known as KoR Deep Bleaching®.

Unlike light-activated whitening procedures, KoR Deep Bleaching requires more than one visit to produce ideal results. However, I personally believe, through experience, that Deep Bleaching does not subject patients to the potential sensitivity caused by light-activated teeth bleaching systems. Instead of drying teeth out, Deep Bleaching uses a potent, gentle solution to penetrate tooth enamel and erase stains.

I have also noticed that Deep Bleaching tends to produce more significant and longer lasting results. Patients who saw mediocre or limited results with home bleaching trays, whitening strips, and light-activated bleaching often comment that Deep Bleaching is better.

Here’s how it works. You’ll come into my office for a conditioning treatment. This will prepare your teeth for 14 days of treatment at home. I’ll provide you with custom-fitted bleaching trays and whitening gel, and you’ll need to wear the trays as directed. Usually, I recommend patients wear the trays for a few hours each evening, though they can be worn overnight. After the 14th day of treatment, you’ll come back to my office for a final Deep Bleaching procedure.

KoR Deep Bleaching is a great holiday gift to give yourself or someone you love. Call Back Mountain Dental today at 570.763.4360 to schedule a teeth whitening visit or cosmetic consultation with me. I can’t wait to see you smile!

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