Diagnodent Helps Your Wilkes-Barre Dentist Locate Cavities

Fluoride is wonderful for protecting and strengthening teeth, especially developing teeth, and adding the mineral to drinking water and topical products has greatly decreased the occurrence and severity of tooth decay in the United States. But fluoride also makes finding and restoring decay is much trickier. Luckily, Dr. James DeFinnis, a Trucksville, PA, dentist, diagnoses cavities with Diagnodent laser technology.

How Does Fluoride Make Cavities Harder to Spot?

Because fluoride hardens tooth enamel, caries, the disease that causes decay, must find tiny weak spots (usually areas that do not get enough fluoride, like spots missed during regular brushing) in which to form. The traditional method for diagnosing cavities involves searching for visual signals of tooth decay, looking at x-rays, or feeling for soft spots with a dental explorer, but none of these methods is effective in spotting tiny cavities.

How Does Diagnodent Work?

Diagnodent scans your teeth with harmless pulses of light. If a cavity is present, fluorescent light will bounce back to Diagnodent’s sensor, which translates the signal into a digital readout. In most cases, the higher the number on the readout, the higher the number of cavities. An audible signal will alert Dr. Fondriest to the presence of decay. With Diagnodent, even the smallest areas of cavity can be detected, which means that Dr. Fondriest can treat decay early and prevent the need for extensive, costly dental work in the future. You will also retain your own beautiful, healthy teeth.

Diagnodent technology assists Dr. Fondriest in protecting your oral health. If you are interested in Diagnodent, or our other preventive and general dental services, please call our Trucksville, PA, dental office today at 570-763-4360. Dr. Fondriest serves patients in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and surrounding areas.

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