Creating Beautiful Smiles at Back Mountain Dental

Look at your smile in the mirror, and ask yourself the following questions:

1.     Are your teeth stained, dull, or discolored?

2.     Do you see gaps and spaces between your teeth? If so, are they uneven?

3.     Do your teeth seem out of line with each other?

4.     Are your teeth crooked or going in different directions?

5.     Do your teeth seem too small of too large for your smile?

6.     Does your smile look “gummy,” or are your gums irregularly shaped?

7.     Are the edges of your teeth chipped?

8.     Have your gums receded, or is your gum line dark?

9.     Do your teeth slant in any way?

10. Is your past dental work noticeable?

11. Are you missing any teeth?

12. Is there something, or several things, you wish you could change about your smile?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it’s likely that you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry, and Dr. James DeFinnis has been creating beautiful smiles for patients in Wilkes Barre and the surrounding areas for years.

Dr. DeFinnis’ patients come to him unsatisfied with their smiles and looking for guidance. Dr. DeFinnis listens to their smile goals, takes into account their lifestyle and overall appearance, and designs their smile makeover specifically for their unique needs. He, then, creates their brand new smile using the following procedures.

Dr. DeFinnis creates beautiful smiles for his patients at Back Mountain Dental in Trucksville, PA. Call (570) 762-4360 to reserve your cosmetic consultation.

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