Beautiful Smile Makeovers for Wilkes-Barre

What do you think when you see someone with crooked, stained, cracked, decayed, or otherwise imperfect teeth? What about when you see a beautiful smile? Now think about what people might think or perceive when they notice your smile. Perceptions about a person’s career, personality, and social status often form, correctly or incorrectly, based on the condition of their teeth. Dr. James DeFinnis, a cosmetic dentist in Trucksville, PA, offers smile makeovers that improve the attractiveness and health of his patients’ smiles.

Proof That Back Mountain Dental Can Improve Your Smile

Curious about the results of these smile makeovers? Today, we will show you examples of some of Dr. DeFinnis’ actual dental patients.

The patient that you see above wanted dental treatment because bruxism (grinding) wore down his teeth. You can see evidence of that wear in the picture on the left. During the initial consultation, Dr. DeFinnis first planned only to place E.max crowns on his six front teeth, but in the final procedure he also recontoured the opposing bottom teeth.

This patient was unhappy with her smile because she wanted more of her teeth to show. Dr. DeFinnis used computer imaging to redesign her smile. He then performed a full-mouth reconstruction with cosmetic crowns, bridges and veneers.

Above, you see an example of a patient who was not happy with her gummy smile, discolored teeth, and spacing between her front teeth. Dr. DeFinnis used laser gum recontouring to correct her gum line. He also whitened her teeth with deep bleaching. To complete this conservative smile makeover, Dr. DeFinnis placed two Lumineers on her front teeth to repair the gap.

As you can see, Dr. DeFinnis designed smiles that fit each individual patient’s goals and facial features. He took into account the health and appearance of their teeth.

Is it time for your smile makeover? Dr. DeFinnis will create a beautiful smile that is perfect for you. Contact Back Mountain Dental today at 570-763-4360 for your free dental consultation.

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