Wilkes-Barre Dentist Offers Tips to Avoid Red Wine Stains on Teeth

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments people ask for here at Back Mountain Dental. We offer deep bleaching that combines in-office expertise with at-home bleaching freedom, and will make you look younger, and give you more confidence in your smile. Just because you’ve invested time and money in newly whitened teeth, doesn’t mean you have to avoid that a nice glass of red wine at your next holiday party. Wilkes-Barre dentist, Dr. James DeFinnis, offers some great tips on keeping teeth stain free when you enjoy an occasional glass of cabernet, merlot, or zinfandel.

Red Wine without Teeth Staining

  • Brush Teeth Before You Drink: When someone has a purple smile at a party, the stains are actually a result of wine’s tannins sticking to the plaque on their teeth. Give yourself a good brushing a bit before drinking a glass of wine, and you’re likely to find that your teeth will be much less susceptible to dark purple wine stains. However, don’t brush immediately after you drink wine. Wine is high in acid and will soften tooth enamel and put your teeth at risk for damage. Wait 30 minutes to an hour before brushing and flossing.
  • Chase Red Wine with Seltzer: Seltzer dissolves stains that are developing. Swish a few sips around in your mouth after drinking red wine, and see if all the evidence magically disappears.
  • Indulge in Wine’s Best Friend – What goes better with wine than cheese? A common appetizer at soirees, cheese coats teeth with calcium. This can prevent the discoloration that is sometimes seen from red wine consumption.
  • Eat Your Veggies: Raw veggies are high in fiber. They are also often served alongside cheese and crackers at parties. Take advantage of these natural tooth scrubbers. Not only can they effectively brush away plaque while you chew, but they also help build up saliva production to keep your mouth free of acid and plaque. This means red wine stains are less likely to occur.
  • Gently Wipe Away Stains: If you sense your teeth are showing embarrassing stains, you might simply excuse yourself to the restroom to wipe them away. A plain tissue will work, with a gentle rub. There are also wipes specifically designed with added ingredients to scrub away wine stains from teeth.

 Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes-Barre

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