A Scranton-Area Solution for Crowded Teeth

A patient with crowded teeth before (left) and after (right) Dr. DeFinnis corrected them

Let’s face it: Most people don’t have perfect smiles. There’s probably at least one minor imperfection that you’d like to fix. But some imperfections are serious. Crowded teeth are one example.

Crowded teeth are harder to clean than straight teeth, giving plaque and bacteria a chance to form and grow. This causes a range of issues, including tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. If left uncorrected, crowded teeth can worsen over time.

When you come to my office, I will create a plan specific to your needs. I employ two proven methods for correcting crowded teeth: veneers and Invisalign.

Veneers are a great solution for crowding when it’s an esthetic issue rather than a health risk. They are bonded directly to your teeth to give the appearance of a straight smile.

Invisalign braces are the choice for more serious crowding. The series of custom-made clear, removable plastic aligners are the perfect alternative to metal braces. They give you a straight, easy-to-clean smile without the discomfort of traditional braces.

Don’t go any longer with a mouth full of crowded teeth!

I’m Dr. James DeFinnis and I want to give you a beautiful smile. I offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry for patients in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Trucksville and surrounding areas. Call Back Mountain Dental today at 570-763-4360 for your appointment or consultation.


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